Dental Team

“You are in the Best of Hands at our Clinic.”

There are many dentists in Hamburg. The dentists at Dr. Siedler and Partners have extensive experience and make a concerted effort to use pain-free and long-lasting treatment methods.
We practise modern dentistry, tailor-made to the needs of our patients. Our portfolio includes all areas of dental health. We work with the best orthodontists in the city to remedy malocclusions or teeth misalignment. Our dentists guarantee the highest skills in modern dental implants, root canal treatment, gum or parodontitis treatment and aesthetic procedures such as inlays, veneers or bleaching. The comfort of our Klosterstern Clinic is also available for complex treatments which may require general anaesthesia.

Our team consists of highly qualified individuals, each acting in your in-terests with personal sensitivity. We look after you from the moment you make an appointment to the moment you leave us after your treatment. Most importantly, your toothache will soon disappear.
There is no need to worry. You can choose no better than our Hamburg dental practice.
We look forward to meeting you.

Your Dental Team Dr. Siedler & Partners

Catrin Westermann-Lammers


Born 1965 in Essen

1986-1989 Professional training as Dental Technician
1989-1994 Degree in Dentistry, Hamburg
1994-1997 Professional practice in Düsseldorf and Hamburg
1998-2006 Employed in group practice, Hamburg-Langenhorn
2006 Certificate in Dental Implantology (DGZI)
2008 Certificate in Endodontics
since 2006 Joined Dr. Siedler & Partners

Special interest in the area of Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Christian Siedler


Born 1968 in Lemgo

1989-1994 Degree in Dentistry, Hamburg
Professional practice in various dental and
maxillary surgery practices

1999 Dental practice in Klosterstern/Hamburg
since 1999 Specialist Implantologist and Oral Surgeon
2005 Certificate in Endodontics
2007 Opening of the Klosterstern Clinic
2010 Certificate in Parodontology

Prof. Dr. H.D. JüdeProf. Dr. H.D. Jüde


Born 1940 in Delbrück

Director Department of Dental Prothetics
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

April 1992
Deputy Medical Direktor
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Juli 2001
Medical Direktor
University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

“Specialist in Dental Prosthetics”

Dr. Thomas JüdeDr. Thomas Jüde


Born 1973 in Würzburg

1994-1999 Degree in Dentistry, Hamburg
Professional practice in various dental
and maxillary surgery practices

2006 Dental practice in Hamburg
2007 Certificate in Dental Implantology
2014 Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry
2015 Joined Dr. Siedler & Partner