Bleaching or inlay – we make the most of your smile

White, flawless teeth for a radiant smile – does this sound appealing? Modern dental treatment offers highly effective and aesthetic options. We provide corrective solutions such as bleaching and ceramic veneers or inlays.

The gentle way of acquiring a beautiful smile

There are many options for acquiring a radiant smile. However, we do not lose sight of the most essential objective: aesthetic dental treatments must, in the first instance, safeguard the tooth enamel. To begin with, your long-term satisfaction with the aesthetic result depends on the fun-damental preparation.

Beauty lies between naturalness and perfection

All our dental health disciplines, from orthodontics to prosthodontics, collaborate in perfect harmony. Only then can we recreate what Nature originally accomplished – and often much more. Hand-picked dental technicians, with extensive experience and a passion for form and colour, will make your most beautiful smile come true.

Take pleasure in laughing once again

Whether through bleaching, veneers, dental composites, ceramic inlays, porcelain crowns or dental implants, we aim to get you laughing heartily once again. Our gentle approach strives towards an even more captivating smile.

Don`t be afraid of a visit to the dentist – come and talk to us

We know that many patients are fearful of going to the dentist and having to decide on a complex treatment.
Come and talk it over with us. We will find a solution.