Malocclusions cause jaw joint pain

Functional disturbances and malocclusions, or misaligned teeth, can re-sult in various forms of toothache, pain in the head region and even in back pain. In dentistry, functional disturbances are when the teeth are not properly aligned with one another and the chewing action of the up-per and lower jaw is not harmoniously coordinated. Unfortunately, this dysfunction is often not taken seriously.

How do you recognise a functional disturbance in the chewing apparatus?

Various signs can indicate that the combined action of the chewing mus-cles and teeth is not perfectly coordinated. Some people grind their teeth, others often bite their tongue and cheek. Does this happen to you? Come and speak to us – the chances are that we will be able to help you.

Eliminating dental pain and correcting malocclusions

Disorders of functional processes often develop over years and compre-hensive corrective measures are required to remedy the damage. If the delicate combined action of the tongue, teeth and jaw is disturbed, for instance, by malocclusion of the teeth or incorrect biting force, the mus-cles must sometimes be built up, joints realigned and nerves soothed. We are specialised in gently adjusting the malocclusion.

Perfect teeth alignment requires skill

We are highly trained in teeth and jaw misalignment and have extensive experience in this area. We consult our physiotherapists and dental tech-nicians when deciding on your individual treatment. Our approach is based on close collaboration within a team of experts.

Don`t be afraid of a visit to the dentist – come and talk to us

We know that many patients are fearful of going to the dentist and having to decide on a complex treatment.
Come and talk it over with us. We will find a solution.