Opt for pain-free treatment under general anaesthesia

Most of our patients visit us to receive standard treatments. We strive to make this reluctant visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. However, sometimes a more complex and more unpleasant intervention is required under general anaesthesia to spare the patient unnecessary pain.

Don’t be afraid of having a general anaesthetic

We know our patients’ fears. Dread of the dentist’s drill, for instance, has been with most of us since childhood. By using a general anaesthesia, our experienced anaesthetists and medical specialists ensure that you are safe from any concerns or pain. You will receive excellent care in our adjoining Klosterstern Clinic. After your treatment, you can take your time waking up and have someone collect you from the clinic. If necessary, you can also stay overnight at the clinic until the next day.

When is a general anaesthetic sensible?

A general anaesthetic is considered in cases where a local anaesthetic cannot numb the pain sufficiently. For example, jaw reconstruction using your own hip bone material is only possible under general anaesthesia. People with dental phobia, pronounced gag reflex or mental disabilities are also recommended to opt for a general anaesthetic.

How high is the risk of a general anaesthetic?

The question should rather be: how low is the risk of a general anaesthet-ic? The answer: extremely low. Modern anaesthetics are well tolerated and quickly eliminated by the system. Interventions are performed by highly qualified medical specialists, with additional computer monitor-ing. There is no need to worry.

Don`t be afraid of a visit to the dentist – come and talk to us

We know that many patients are fearful of going to the dentist and having to decide on a complex treatment.
Come and talk it over with us. We will find a solution.