Parodontosis can easily be avoided

Together with cavities and root canal complaints, gum inflammations such as parodontosis and parodontitis are the most common oral cavity diseases. Both are caused by infection. This can be triggered by bacterial plaque which can be avoided in most cases by thorough dental care and prophylaxis.

Parodontitis is not only an issue of dental care

Gum diseases can have other causes. Factors such as smoking, diabetes or hormonal changes during pregnancy can result in or be conducive to in-flamed gums. Beware: Parodontosis is contagious! If your partner has parodontosis, a simple kiss can give you painful gum disease, regardless of your own thorough oral hygiene.

A sound basis protects against inflamed gums

Today’s modern parodontitis treatments can restore affected teeth and, in particular, roots. Before we can get to the root of the problem in the true sense of the word, the gums supporting your teeth must be treated. We aim to reduce bacteria and soothe the roots to heal infections and ensure a firm hold for your teeth.

We heal your parodontosis by coaching you back to health

We have several certifications in the area of parodontosis. In many cases, we can help to restore tissues which have already been lost. As our pa-tient, you are always fully involved in your own recovery, with the appro-priate coaching from us.

Don`t be afraid of a visit to the dentist – come and talk to us

We know that many patients are fearful of going to the dentist and having to decide on a complex treatment.
Come and talk it over with us. We will find a solution.